Candlelighters is so pleased to be partner of this annual event and we invite all our members and supporters to join us and Take a Stand. Cardel Homes Lemonade Standemonium presented by Palladium Insurance is a new twist on the age-old idea of neighbourhood kids selling lemonade.
It’s a fun-filled way for kids and families to Take a Stand and raise funds for people living with cancer.
Throughout the month of May and on June 2nd, you’ll see youngsters all across Ottawa sporting bright yellow t-shirts and selling lemonade to support cancer care in our community.
This is one fundraising event that you’ll definitely want to squeeze into your summer schedule.

And they’re off – last Thursday morning was the official launch of the 2018 Nokia Powering the Inside Ride campaign at 600 March road. Toonies and Timbits were the order of the day – the Toonie challenge was another great success with our thanks to Nate, who was on hand sticking all the donations on to the two bikes. Tom and Nate did a terrific job of sharing Timbits with everyone arriving at work that morning, and of course all the information about the Inside Ride event coming up on May 10 this year. Exciting times for sure. A big thank you to Nate, Tom, Jacquelyn and Adam who made for a successful launch! Looking forward to the coming weeks!

Nokia is launching this year’s Inside Ride campaign this week! Official launch is on Thursday April 5th from 0730 – 0930 and we’re looking forward to seeing lots of familiar faces and meeting some new people too. Remember they will be having their loonie/tooney bike set up for donations with a chance to win a Bobby Ryan signed jersey.