A new year is upon us and with it comes new ideas, new opportunities and new initiatives.  As we kick off 2019, Candlelighters is looking to you, our member families, to help us in our efforts to raise awareness and support for Candlelighters and childhood cancer. 

Please share a picture or 2 and/or a brief story or comment on how Candlelighters has impacted your childhood cancer journey.  We are collecting these stories and photos so that we can share them throughout the year with donors and supporters.  When we are asked, how does Candlelighters help a family?  We can use your stories and pictures to demonstrate the difference our community makes when they support Candlelighters.  We are asking you to be our voice, to give Candlelighters a voice.   

We are collecting pictures and stories throughout the month of January, so please, take a second and share!  Please send me an email today: jason@candlelighters.net 

Participation in this initiative is purely voluntary, and in submitting your story/photo to us, you are giving us consent to use your photo/story in our materials.  We will only be using first names, for example “Jason, age 5, childhood cancer patient”, or “Jason, age 5, childhood cancer survivor”, or, “Jason, childhood cancer patient, with his mom Louise”  

Thank you in advance for helping us with this new initiative.  We believe your help will be invaluable in our efforts to connect with the community at large who support us so generously and make it possible for Candlelighters to provide the numerous programs and services that are available for our member families.  We can’t do it without you and your participation is greatly and always appreciated.

Jason Campbell

Community Development Coordinator