In order to become a Candlelighters member, you must be referred through the treatment hospital – usually by an Interlink Nurse of Social Worker.  Membership is open to any family of a child – newborn to 18 years of age at the time of diagnosis – being treated here in the National Capital Region.

Only member families are eligible for Candlelighters programs and services. Membership is required on a year to year basis.

Candlelighters – Membership Form

Click on the 2019 Membership Form below to maintain your membership

Membership Form 2019 (Fillable PDF)

Other Candlelighters Forms:

There are two programs that require you to register your child(ren) in order for them to participate; the Smiling Siblings Day Camps and the Youth Survivor Initiative (YSI).

The Candlelighters Bursary also has a separate application form.  Also below is the Financial Assistance request form.

The forms are located below.  If you have any issue with accessing or completing a form, please contact the office by email at 

Smiling Siblings Day Camps


Please remember:

~ Pre-registration is required, do not show up at the camps without registering with the Programs Coordinator in advance. This ensures there is enough food and craft supplies as well as the very important volunteers that we rely on to run the program.
~ Siblings Day Camps are not for patients and are specifically for the brothers and sisters only.

Thank you!

Camps run from 9:30 AM until 3:00 PM
Lunch and snacks provided.
Pre-registration is required

Contact Programs Coordinator for more information about how to get your child involved in these Candlelighters programs (for members only)

YSI – Youth Survivor Initiative

YSI is a program for Candlelighters members aged 13-18 who have been off treatment for a minimum of 1 year. The group provides teenage survivors with an opportunity to connect in a social setting. The YSI Program runs September to June with a variety of events planned throughout the year. Participants in the program help decide what activities are planned and every effort is made to include everyone.