Candlelighters is a local, not-for-profit organization that provide programs and services to young cancer patients, and their families,  receiving treatment in the National Capital Region.

Membership in Candlelighters is through hospital referral.

Candlelighters Support Includes:

Childhood Cancer Facts:

65 children will be diagnosed with cancer this year in the National Capital & Surrounding Region.

  • Cancer is the leading cause of death for Ontario children in disease-related illnesses. Only accidents will kill more children this year.
  • 400 children will be diagnosed with cancer in Ontario this year.
  • Currently more than 10,000 children in Canada are battling cancer.
  • Childhood cancer causes are largely unknown.
  • Childhood cancer can have significant psychological and social impact, including coping issues, family concerns, lost schooling, learning problems and family financial distress.

Our Vision…

Is to ensure that 100% of children and teens diagnosed with cancer in the national capital  & surrounding region get the support they need! 

Our Mission…

To enrich the lives of children, and their families, coping with childhood cancer and to promote awareness and understanding of the impact of childhood cancer on their lives.

Candlelighters Annual Report

2020 Impact Report (PDF)

Registered Charity Number: 87779 6805 RR0001