Candlelighters supports the academic endeavours of young cancer patients and provides parents and caregivers the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of childhood cancer and learn valuable coping mechanisms for the childhood cancer journey.


For young cancer patients the conventional school classroom is often not an option. CyberKids provides an iPad to all newly diagnosed children. Not only does it keep the entire family connected to friends and family, the youngest cancer patients use iPads to enhance early learning opportunities. School aged children benefit greatly from the various learning apps.

Not only do these devices help these children keep up academically, they often provide much-needed distraction while going through medical procedures and treatment.

CyberKids = Learning when you feel good = academic success!

Education Workshops

Candlelighters is pleased to present educational workshops designed just for Candlelighters member families! Participating members enjoy time well spent not only gaining valuable insights and information about the childhood cancer experience but also connecting with other parents and families.

E-Reader Program
Candlelighters provides newly diagnosed families with an E-reader, with various diagnosis specific resources including “Living with Childhood Cancer ~ A Practical Guide to Help Families Cope.”

Resource Materials

Understanding a childhood cancer diagnosis can reduce stress in parents and provide a sense of control.

Candlelighters provides these resources and others are available free of charge:

On Cancer and Coping:

  • Childhood Leukemia – A guide for families, friends and caregivers
  • Childhood Brain and Spinal cord tumours
  • The Essential Cancer Treatment Nutrition Guide and Cookbook
  • Childhood Cancer – A parent’s guide to solid tumour
  • When Your Child Is Sick
  • Lymphoma Patient resource
  • Bone Marrow and Blood Stem Cell transplants – A guide for patients
  • Chemo, craziness and comfort – My book about childhood cancer

Bereavement Resources: (Provided by Tori’s Helping Hand)

  • The Bereaved Parent
  • Healing a parent’s grieving heart
  • Healing a grandparent’s grieving heart
  • Healing a teen’s grieving heart
  • The Next Place
  • When Dinosaurs Die

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