Candlelighters understand that a cancer diagnosis is an overwhelming experience.

A childhood cancer diagnosis can be devastating for a family. Support is crucial for not just the young patient but for parents and siblings as well. Candlelighters offers a number of support programs so families know they aren’t alone on the journey.

Candlelighters coordinates the following support services for you and your family:

Hospital Support

Your comfort is taken care of while you are bedside with your child. Candlelighters Comfort Packages include small toiletries for unexpected hospital stays, as well as flashlights, ear plugs and eye shields, a pad of paper and a pen, lozenges – things to make lengthy hospital stays more comfortable.

Sibling Suport 

Your other children need support as well. The monthly Smiling Siblings Roving Day Camps are a way for siblings to get together with other siblings of childhood cancer patients for a day of  fun and play. Special packages are also sent by mail especially for siblings, recognizing they are part of the childhood cancer journey also.

Youth Survivor Initiative

YSI is a program for Candlelighters members aged 13-18 who have been off treatment for a minimum of 1 year. The purpose of the group is to provide teen survivors with an opportunity to connect in a social setting. The YSI Program runs September to June with a variety of events planned throughout the year. If you are interested in joining us, please contact us at YSI

Bereaved Parents Support Group

This 8 to 12 week program is offered based on interest and need. Professionally facilitated it provides support for parents whose children have not survived their cancer.


For individuals, couples and siblings, this counselling is offered at any time in your child’s cancer journey. It is most often used in bereavement.



Candlelighters Family Initiatives include:

Annual Christmas Party

Open to Candlelighters members this holiday gathering creates a festive atmosphere amongst other families who understand what you are going through.

Birthday Greetings

Your child’s special day is celebrated and acknowledged by Candlelighters.

Candlelighters Courage Beads

Your child’s story of courage is honoured with these beads. For every poke, procedure, chemotherapy or surgery your child will be given a bead to add to their necklace. It will help your child tell their story.

Suite Seats – Candlelighters at the Canadian Tire Centre

Many families take part in this initiative every year. Attending a Senator’s games, a concert or other special events help to create lasting and fun memories.


Your Donation allows Candlelighters to financially support patients and their families.