Candlelighters provides financial assistance in time of need.

Having a critically ill child can be a tremendous financial burden. Candlelighters covers all parking costs during treatment stays. For cancer patients and survivors, Candlelighters offers a post-secondary education bursary.

When your child is literally fighting for their life, often the financial and socio-economic impact on your family can be devastating.

Candlelighters Financial Support form

Candlelighters helps with:

Patient Amenities:

  • Candlelighters provides financial assistance when other funds are not available in a crisis situation.

Parking Program:

  • Candlelighters covers your out of pocket parking costs when your child is treated in Eastern Ontario or when you travel.

Gas Cards:

  • Candlelighters provides $200 in gas cards to help out with frequent hospital trips and travel when your child is newly diagnosed with cancer.


  • Candlelighters provides two bursaries every year of $1,000 to eligible members to pursue a post-secondary education.
  • New process for applications coming in 2019

Journey Forward Packages:

  • Candlelighters provides $150 in various gift cards three months, six months and one year post diagnosis to help families through difficult times.

Tori’s Helping Hand:

  • Tori’s Helping Hand is a Candlelighters program that provides funding for families coping with palliative care for their child. Funds are available for travel to other treatment centres. The fund is also applicable for families dealing with bereavement.


Your Donation allows Candlelighters to financially support patients and their families.