What a fabulous time yesterday at the Alterna Savings & Alterna Bank golf tournament.  It was a glorious day for one – all that sunshine – and such a terrific group of golfers.  I can’t thank the Alterna team enough for all their hard work in ensuring the success of it all.  And it was hugely successful.  I am so happy to announce that $110,000 was raised in support of Candlelighters!  Wow and wow again.  Just terrific.  A big shout out to all the sponsors, golfers, supporters and volunteers as well as to Jakob and his dad Karlis, for joining us at the dinner and sharing heartfelt and moving words about Candlelighters and the impact on their childhood cancer journey.


Thank you so much to all who participated in this fantastic event. Thank you Thank you! A little bit of rain didn’t dampen our fun – what a great day it was, complete with the high energy, music pumping good time that is the actual ride, together with the bbq and Dominion City Brewing Company beer that was thoroughly enjoyed after. Tom, Jacquelyn, Adam, Jenn, Nathan, Andy, Katie S and Scott S, little Nathan … thank you for making things extra special! What an amazing day. WOWZA!

Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation

Starting Monday May 7th, Candlelighters’s week will feature 3 Inside Ride events, powered by Nokia and in partnership with CTCACF. On Monday we will be at Brookfield High School and then the big event at Nokia on Thursday followed by Friday’s event at St. Matthew’s High School. What a great week ahead!